ISA FLIGHT CLUB – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why has the rewards program changed?
    In order to improve our loyalty and rewards offering, we conducted a survey to understand what our loyal flyers need. The biggest learning from this – our flyers want more! From 1st July 2018, the new ISA FLIGHT CLUB will begin. It will provide even greater benefits for members for one annual fee of $200 (inc GST).
  2. What happens to my current benefits under the previous loyalty program?
    If you sign up to the new ISA FLIGHT CLUB rewards program by 30th September, you will retain your current status level and accrued benefits. If you sign up after this date, you will unfortunately lose your current status level and benefits and will be required to accumulate your flight time again.In subsequent years, you must renew your ISA FLIGHT CLUB membership by the end of the financial year to maintain your membership status.
  3. I have FREE FLIGHT TIME that I earned under the previous loyalty program. Are these still valid?
    Yes. These along with FREE GUEST PASSES will be honoured until they expire (12 months from date of issue).
  4. What if I’m a current member of the previous loyalty program but don’t want to pay for the new ISA FLIGHT CLUB?
    We are ending the current programme on 30th June 2018. You can continue to use your current member benefits until then but you will not have access to the new ISA FLIGHT CLUB benefits until you sign up. This is a new programme and to bring you the best we can there is a membership fee to pay to be a part of it and all the fantastic new benefits.
  5. What if I can’t sign up until later in the financial year? Do you do pro-rata memberships?
    No, we don’t do pro-rata memberships. Memberships are open all year round and the member benefit on signing will remain the same at ten (10) minutes.
  6. How long is my FREE FLIGHT TIME valid for?
    Your FREE FLIGHT TIME is valid for use during the membership year.
  7. Can I use my FREE FLIGHT TIME at any tunnel?
    Your FREE FLIGHT TIME is valid at any ISA Group owned/operated tunnel in Australia within this loyalty programme unless otherwise stated.
  8. Does my FREE FLIGHT TIME from signing up to the ISA FLIGHT CLUB go towards my flight time counter?
    No. Any free time flown does not count towards to Flight Time accumulation.
  9. Is my FREE FLIGHT TIME transferable?
    No. Your FREE FLIGHT TIME must be booked and flown by you or by you and your friends. It is not transferrable to other flyers but you can share it with other while you are present and flying in the same session.
  10. Are my other benefits transferrable?
    No. Your benefits are not transferrable to another party, cannot be assigned, sold or redeemed for cash.
  11. How do I claim my other discounts?
    To claim your membership discounts you will need to inform the customer service staff at the time of purchase that you are an ISA FLIGHT CLUB member. They will then verify your membership level and apply the discount manually. Discounts will not automatically occur, nor be applied retrospectively on completed transactions.
  12. Does my flying time at other tunnels count?
    This is an initiative of ISA Group only and does not apply in any way to any other tunnels (including other iFLY tunnels), who are not part of the ISA Group network in Australia.
  13. What is the MEMBERSHIP YEAR?
    The membership year is from 1st July to 30th June.
  14. How do I know how much flight time I have accumulated?
    Under the new ISA FLIGHT CLUB rewards program, members will now receive email notifications after each flight date.
  15. Where do I get more information?
    If you have any further questions about the program or your membership, please contact the ISA FLIGHT CLUB coordinator on 1300 766 255 or email