$8 million local skydiving plan

$8 million local skydiving plan

Penrith may become the home of Australia’s first vertical wind shaft indoor skydiving centre. Yes that is right – indoor.

Rather than jump out of a plane kilometres about the earth’s surface, adventure seekers will now be able to experience sky diving without leaving the ground.

Raybal Building Services lodged a development application two days before Christmas to build an indoor skydiving centre adjacent to Penrith Panthers.

So how do you skydive indoors?

The indoor skydiving experience is created by fans that generate 150 miles per hour wind capable of lifting flyers into the air within a specially designed flight chamber.

Skydivers will be able to see their surroundings, as the flight chamber will be built from glass.

The company also said that it is possible that the facility will be used for the training of military personnel whose job can include skydiving.

The development application is currently on display at Penrith City Council.