ETB News – iFly Downunder: Sydney’s hottest new attraction

Ever wanted to jump out of a plane, but just hate the thought of actually JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE?! Then iFLY Downunder is the answer…and it is addictive!

With the doors opening to the general public on the 26th April, Australia’s first indoor skydiving facility is already proving to be a huge success with over 500 hours of tunnel time sold in the last few months!

“We knew that indoor skydiving would be a popular attraction in Australia’ comments iFLY Downunder Chief Marketing Officer Brett Sheridan ‘but we are still absolutely overwhelmed with the support we are getting from the public.”

The iFLY Downunder indoor skydiving facility is a state of the art centre that delivers an exhilarating, thrilling and high energy experience that the whole family will want to share.

Indoor skydiving is a safe and fun adventure activity which anyone from ages 3 to 103 can enjoy.

“Our facility will allow people to get a real experience of skydiving in a fully-controlled and safe environment”, comments Brett Sheridan.

“This is the biggest and most powerful vertical wind tunnel in the southern hemisphere and we can’t wait to open our doors so everyone who has ever dreamt of flying, can now fly!”

IFLY Downunders’ parent company, Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited (ASX:IDZ) is headed up by Ex SAS Soldiers Wayne Jones and Danny Hogan. The two hatched the idea to build the facility after experiencing similar facilities around the world.

“While we were serving and training overseas we were exposed to these indoor skydiving facilities as part of our training”, said Wayne Jones.

“The simulation is so close to the real thing that military and skydivers have been training in these facilities around the world for a number of years…and now Australia can experience flight for the first time!”

“It has been a huge journey from those initial discussions to our doors opening in a few weeks time, but the reward will be on the faces of people flying for their first time”, comments Wayne.

The facility, located in the adventure capital of Penrith, has a 5 metre wide glass flight chamber which is one of the largest and most technically advanced in the world.

The facility can comfortably hold up to 8 experienced flyers and is powered by 4 x 450 horse power fans that can achieve speeds of up to 250km per hour which is powerful enough to lift anyone into flight on a cushion of air.

iFLY Downunder is suitable for people of all skill levels, from first timers to advanced flyers.

Bookings are open now for flights available from the 26th April 2014.

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