FREAK launching at Macquarie Centre in Sydney


We are pleased to announce that FREAK Entertainment is opening its fourth venue, FREAK Macquarie Centre, in late November 2021.

ISA Group have entered into agreements with centre owner AMP Capital for a 5 year lease of the retail site, located in the affluent north shore area of Sydney.

Macquarie Centre, based in North Ryde is a leading Sydney shopping centre, servicing corporate headquarters, Macquarie University and a large local area population. The centre is close to train lines, buses, and the new Sydney metro.

FREAK Macquarie is a 127m2 venue that will include FREAK’s flagship free roam “Arena”, with games Arizona Sunshine Arena and Ghost Patrol. Both games are exclusive to FREAK in Australia.

In addition, the venue will feature a 4 player Assassins Creed themed VR escape room, and 4x full motion VR racing simulators with world leading car racing game Project Cars Pro.

The facility will be located on Level 4 within the entertainment hub of the shopping centre. FREAK will enjoy extended trading hours within close proximity to Timezone, cinemas, a premium gym and dining areas.

The cutting edge VR technology is being delivered by HP and HTC Vive, whom FREAK has established strategic partnerships with over the last 2 years.

“After a brief pause due to lockdowns, we are excited to continue with the FREAK rollout in line with the company’s strategy, and to have FREAK’s fourth location open in time for the summer holiday period. We expect the trading to reach record levels as consumers come out of lockdown and enter the school holidays across NSW” said Wayne Jones, CEO.