Gold Coast Titans visit iFLY Gold Coast

indoor skydiving titans visitCheck out rugby league team, Gold Coast Titans, kick it around at iFLY Gold Coast as part of their teams day out!

Hayden Knowles (Head of Performance for the Gold Coast Titans) is always looking for ways to motivate his team and get them working together on and off the field. So when one of the players suggested sending the team to iFLY for some flying lessons it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun after a morning of training. The best way to motivate your team is giving them a unique experience, and there is nothing more memorable than sending the team ‘FLYING’!

“One of our players recommended this place [iFLY Indoor Skydiving] at the start of the year. My thoughts were let’s get some morale happening; the boys have worked very hard this morning.” – Hayden

gold coast titans visit ifly gold coast

Prop and lock forward Titan’s player, Keegan Hipgrave, is at home on a surfboard as he is on the football field and now he is proud to add floating on air to that list. He was excited to report that the boys got a lot out of the experience!

gold coast titans group shot

You could instantly see the smile on the clubs funny-man, Konrad Hurrell, who has an infectious sense of humour. The jokes weren’t lost on the staff at our centre, who couldn’t get enough of this high spirits! He admitted he was a little hesitant jumping in at first but soon fell in love with the experience!

“The first time I did it was a bit scared of heights, I finally got to do it, and I enjoyed it. I’ll be back again, and I’ll be bringing the whole family!” – Konrad

gold coast titan flyers

We’re finding that indoor skydiving is becoming more and more popular amongst sports teams as an excellent way for players to bond outside of the field.

Hayden was so impressed by the visit that he just had to say a couple of words, check out the video of their flight below.