iFLY Perth facility wins Best Public Space award

best public space awardISA Group is pleased to announce that our iFLY Perth facility has won the MASTER BUILDERS-BANKWEST EXCELLENCE IN CONSTRUCTION AWARDS, Best Public Use Building (Under $20million)!

This award is particularly important to us as the definition of good public space encapsulates everything that we represent as an organisation.

Including; building a community, providing a supportive space for events, and in general, to inspire and attract indoor skydiving enthusiasts to come together. All of which we have accomplished with a range of successful events held at the facility!

Our Family Open Day, held in December 2016, drew in over 400 parents, kids and grown-ups! While our recent ‘Superhero Training Days’, held during the July 2017 holiday, inspired kids to FLY like their favourite superheroes. Check out the photos here from the event.

Additionally, all our iFLY facilities (incl. iFLY Perth) are designed to be accessible by wheelchair, as well as our restrooms and entrances. FSG Australia, who offers an innovative range of disability, mental health and aged care services came and declared iFLY to be ‘accessibly ready’! Check out the stories of those who FLY without limitation here.

Congratulations to our builder Metrowest Constructions for their work and winning this award!

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