Jimmy Cooper iFLY Ambassador

Jimmy Cooper iFLY AmbassadoriFLY is proud to announce our very own, charismatic – but never too serious instructor, Jimmy Cooper, as an iFLY Indoor Skydiving Ambassador!

iFLY picks it’s Ambassadors for their involvement in the skydiving community and their drive for developing and promoting the sport. Jimmy leads in all these areas with tonnes of flying experience and a huge passion for the sport.

Jimmy has been FLYING for over five years – proving himself on the national, and international stage as a formidable competitor. He currently works as a Flight Instructor at iFLY Downunder (Sydney) and is also one of the leading coaches at the facility, training both return-flyers and skydivers through their tunnel flying progression.

The man of many talents also is heavily involved in generating and filming the Social Media videos for iFLY, and has even worked as an outside videographer – you could say the camera loves him!

WATCH some of Jimmy’s videos where he shows his cheeky side – always accompanied by amazing flying!

“For me, tunnel flying has always been a big passion, and I love seeing the progression students can make in such a short period. iFLY is a great tool for me to pass on my knowledge, passion, and experience in the sport to others and help flyers progress in a safe and controlled environment. “ – Jimmy Cooper

All of this started for Jimmy when he took his first tandem-skydive on his 18th birthday. He fell in love and has been working in indoor/outdoor skydiving ever since.

“Skydiving allows me to step outside of my comfort zone, learn new skills and share some of the most amazing experiences with both new and old friends along the way. I have over 3000+ skydives and have flown 150+ hrs in the tunnel focusing mainly on Dynamic and Freestyle flying.” – Jimmy Cooper


Working at iFLY has meant that Jimmy has been able to develop his indoor skydiving skills that have seen him compete nationally and internationally; indoors and outdoors. He represented Australia in both Canopy Piloting and Freestyle on the world stage, and just last month took 2nd at the 2017 Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships:

Dynamic 4-way: flying in a four-man team, moving in an intricate series of patterns following a leading man.

Open Freestyle: flying solo and performing a self-created routine that looks similar to a dance.

When you ask Jimmy where he sees himself in 10 years – he’ll tell you right where he is right now “teaching people how to ‘shred’ in the tunnel – and never growing up!”

Interested in getting into the growing sport of indoor skydiving? Find out more here.

Or if you’ve already flown with us before, Jimmy does coaching at iFLY Downunder, Penrith. Email coaching.pen@ifly.com.au or CALL¬†1300 366 364 to find out more.