LAPD SWAT sign for Trial of Operator XR Technology

LAPD SWAT sign for Trial of Operator XR Technology

  • Operator XR has been accepted by Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) SWAT for a trial of its Virtual Reality Tactical Training solution.  
  • Commencing in February, the trial will run for 3 months, and be used by the 67 SWAT members and team commanders of the LAPD SWAT Team, Metro Division. 
  • LAPD SWAT is known as one of the foremost police tactical units in the world, earning hundreds of commendations and citations, including several Medals of Valor, the Department’s highest award for heroism in the line of duty. 
  • Operator XR technology will be assessed and reviewed as a training system to supplement and enhance current SWAT training, in support of the teams roles and responsibilities towards upholding public safety. 

Following extensive demonstrations during Q1 FY24, the Department requested a formal trial of the technology, over a 3 month period expected to commence in February 2024. The trial will integrate Operator XR technology into the current SWAT training program, gather more sustained exposure to team members and commanders, for the purposes of assessing a fit into the SWAT training programs.  


Operator XR will allow LAPD SWAT to train operational tactics and procedures using a system which is a highly portable, easy to use and realistic Virtual Reality system that does not require internet, is highly secure and easily to use.  


Virtual Reality based training with Operator XR technology offers a low cost, and low risk approach to traditional training approaches, reduces demand on staffing resources and at the same time increases officer exposure and throughput to high intensity, high stress virtual situations that increases and enhances situational awareness, leading to improved outcomes in high risk law enforcement situations.  


This system will enable LAPD SWAT to plan and train active shooter scenarios, hostage rescues, and crisis interventions which can be difficult to train using traditional methods.  


Operator XR software has been developed by xReality Group, using the latest innovations in Virtual Reality technology, coupled with the considerable expertise of XRG management in former career duties in front line Military and Policing.  


XRG will not charge LAPD SWAT to use the Operator XR technology during the 3 month trial period, but are confident that the success of the trial will lead to revenue earning opportunities from this and other follow up arrangements with other US State and Federal law enforcement agencies.  


LAPD SWAT said “We are looking forward to extensive testing of Operator XR with our team over the coming 3 months, this trial will help us understand how technology can complement our current training programs, and enhance the public safety outcomes.” 


Wayne Jones, CEO, XRG, said “Building on the momentum of Operator XR in the USA, a trial with the Los Angeles SWAT for our VR training systems is a huge step for XRG. Trialling Operator XR, the  highly advanced VR tactical rehearsal system, with one of the worlds most respected tactical policing agencies, is expected to open significant opportunities. It’s a major test of our technology in a critical environment, and we’re ready to show its impact on tactical training and operational readiness.”