“Letting Go” Series – Learn to Skydive

Ever wanted to know what it takes to become a skydiver?

Check out the highly anticipated “Letting Go” series is now available to watch on YouTube: goo.gl/MW49Wd

“Letting Go” followed TV Presenter and Health Coach, Liv Phyland, International Award-Winning Photographer, Beau Pilgrim, “The Healthy Tradie” Dane Ellveson. and Actress, Marny Kennedy, as they let go of all their fears and followed their dreams to become qualified Skydivers – using iFLY Indoor Skydiving to build their confidence and prepare them for the experience.

This 6 part series filmed around Australia captures their raw emotions and the highs and lows of their journey to “jumping out of a perfectly good aeroplane”. Even if you haven’t wanted to before, this will make you want to try skydiving!

We’ve collected the six-part series below for your viewing pleasure. If you ever needed the inspiration to step outside of your comfort zone then this series is for you!

Featured training facilities:
iFLY Downunder
Sydney Skydivers
Skydive OZ
Australian Skydive
Jurien Bay Skydive

If you are looking to learn how to skydive, please contact your nearest skydiving centre to learn about our indoor/outdoor accelerated program which can speed up the progression and get you in the air faster!

Sponsored by The Australian Parachute Federation.