Meet iFLY Perth’s newest sponsored athletes Noah and Cooper

We are proud to introduce our iFLY Perth Junior team, Brother duo Cooper and Noah Lisle as iFLY Perth’s newest indoor skydiving sponsored athletes!

Noah and Cooper

These boys are setting the bar for tunnel flying, starting with Cooper who is the youngest flyer to nail head down flying unassisted in Australia. We asked the boys some questions too, so you could get a little insight into their lives of two champs!

How did you get into indoor skydiving?
“My parents started flying and I thought it looked fun, so we decided to fly too.” – Noah
“I started flying when my mum and dad did.” – Cooper

How long have you been flying for?
“One year.” – Noah
“One year and a half.” – Cooper

How often do you train each week?
“Once or twice a week.” – Noah and Cooper

What are you currently training for?
“Nationals kids freestyle [2018 Australian Open Indoor Skydiving Championships]. Also trying to learn the two-way dynamic moves.” – Noah
“Competing at nationals. I am also trying to learn some new flips and tricks” – Cooper

What have you achieved so far?
“Learnt to fly head down which is quite an achievement! That took a lot of time and energy but it’s great fun once you can do it. I’ve also competed in local, national and international competitions.” – Noah
“Youngest kid in Australia to fly head down.” – Cooper

What are your next goals?
“I would like to fly head down more smoothly like the instructors at iFLY! I also want to place better than I did last year at the nationals.” – Noah
“Do as many competitions as possible and learn more tricks.” – Cooper

What are your hobbies outside of indoor skydiving?
“I love go-karting and hockey outside of indoor skydiving. I competed in the national series for go karting which is a good experience. I’m also keen to do a tandem skydive once I’m 12! Cooper is also into competitive go-karting and hockey. He has a fractured thumb right now but will be back to all his sports ASAP.” – Noah

Everyone at iFLY Perth is excited to have these boys on board as our sponsored athletes. We look forward to watching them grow within the world of indoor skydiving. Come on down and see them at the tub sometime!