Soldier On Visits iFLY Downunder

iFLY Downunder recently opened its doors for an event aimed to support the Australian charity organisation, Soldier On, whose mission is to assist ex-servicemen/servicewomen and their families reintegrate into civilian life.

adrian_whitbyThe day hosted at iFLY Downunder (Sydney West), gave servicemen and women the opportunity to enjoy indoor skydiving along with their families. These events are vital as it gives former teams a chance to re-connect with old friends with an emphasis on community building.

“I was fortunate to run into several people that I had worked with previously and it was nice to see that they were doing ok.” – Soldier On flyer

Everyone, kids and partners included, boldly stated they had a fantastic time trying something new while sparking up some old and new yarns.

“I have never been skydiving before. The challenge of doing something different, and doing an activity that takes me outside my comfort zone with other veterans is so vital to maintaining my mental, physical, and social wellbeing.” – ex-serviceman

Thousands of those serving will be affected either physically or psychologically by their time in service.

Robyn McLachlantext“[Indoor skydiving] makes me want to try things I have been ‘putting off’ in the false belief that I cannot do them.” – Flyer on the night

These events are crucial to support veterans & their families but sadly cannot happen without companies taking an active role to help the cause.

The main benefit that indoor skydiving has is that boost in confidence it gives, either inside the wind tunnel or in everyday life.

“Get amongst it!!! Don’t hesitate for a moment or think you can’t do it even if you’re afraid of heights it’s AhhMazing!” – Soldier On flyer

Helping our wounded warriors has always been a cause close to the heart of Indoor Skydive Australia Group, who own and operate iFLY’s in Sydney, Gold Coast & Perth.  Founders Wayne Jones and Danny Hogan are both veterans having served on multiple operations.

“After serving in the Military for over 20 years, it is important to remain connected through events like the one being held by Soldier On” said ISA Group CEO, Wayne Jones.

Nikola Turnbulltext“Organisations that help support returned veterans are vital and it is an honour to be able to contribute in this small way”.  Indoor Skydive Australia Group Ltd listed on the ASX in 2013 under the code ASX:IDZ.

iFLY looks forward to hosting similar events for Soldier On in future.

Soldier On offers assistance is open to anyone who has served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Federal Police or the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and are having difficulty adjusting.

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