BRW: Pick of the Tourism Stocks – Indoor Skydive Australia Group

“…watch Indoor Skydive Australia Group… has done well since listing early this year”

Will Featherstone from BRW gives an insight into his thoughts about ISA Group as an investment opportunity via his article “Will Travel: Pick of the Tourism stocks”.


Here is a snapshot:

“Speculators should watch Indoor Skydive Australia Group. It is building a simulated skydiving attraction at Penrith in New South Wales, expected to open in first quarter 2014.

Indoor Skydive has done well since listing early this year through a float, it’s 20c issued shares rising to 49c in a wretched market for small listings. Indoor’s biggest sales point is the success of similar indoor skydiving attractions in Singapore and elsewhere. As a thinly traded micro-cap in the construction phase, Indoor Skydive is a higher-risk stock.

But it’s easy to imagine hordes of thrill-seekers and skydivers using its vertical wind tunnel if the international experience is replicated here, construction goes smoothly and the attraction opens on time.

Early signs say it will.”

Read the full Will Featherstone article here.