Significant milestone for Operator XR with first sale in United States

We are pleased to announce that our US subsidiary, Operator XR LLC (Operator XR), has achieved a remarkable milestone with its first US customer. This accomplishment marks a pivotal moment in affirming Operator XR’s viability to cater to a diverse range of law enforcement needs within the United States.

Elevating Law Enforcement Training

The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado has embraced Operator XR’s cutting-edge training solutions. They have procured both product lines, to service their tactical teams needs for immersive team-based Virtual Reality (VR) training capability, and its patrol officers for de-escalation training.

  1. OP-1 Tactical Training System: This immersive VR solution empowers tactical teams to refine operational tactics in complex scenarios, enhancing their response capabilities to critical situations.
  2. OP-1 LE De-escalation System: Focusing on patrol officers, this system hones de-escalation skills through virtual training in realistic scenarios, ensuring a measured response to various law enforcement situations.

A Choice Backed by Excellence

The selection of Operator XR by the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office followed a comprehensive evaluation process. This choice reinforces the company’s capability to address modern law enforcement training challenges effectively.

A Visionary Partnership

Lou Vallario, Garfield County Sheriff, highlights how Operator XR’s platform aligns with their vision of proactive preparedness. This partnership aims to equip deputies with the skills needed to ensure safety, service, and security, fostering a transformative change in virtual law enforcement training.

A Momentous Achievement

“Securing our first customer in the USA marks a major milestone for XRG. It highlights the product fit and sets the stage for our sustained commitment and growth in the North American markets. The significance of this first sale cannot be understated, it will amplify our presence in the market and provide a substantial springboard into a large number of agencies of all sizes.” – Wayne Jones, CEO of xReality Group Limited.

Expanding Horizons

The partnership with the Garfield County Sheriff’s Office is a significant step in Operator XR’s strategic approach to target law enforcement agencies within the 50-500 sworn officers range, encompassing roughly 3,000 agencies across the US. This approach aligns with Operator XR’s goal of widespread impact and value delivery.

As Operator XR gains ground in the US market, it signifies a promising path forward. This accomplishment underscores the company’s potential to redefine law enforcement training, contributing to safer communities through enhanced readiness.

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