Operator XR Launches Groundbreaking Tactical Software Development Kit (SDK)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Beta version of our subsidiary, Operator XR’s Tactical Software Development Kit (SDK).

This revolutionary tool empowers special forces, military, and law enforcement agencies to create immersive and realistic training scenarios. The Tactical SDK seamlessly integrates with Operator XR’s immersive tactical rehearsal systems, enabling end users to develop custom active shooter simulations, mission rehearsals, and other specialised scenarios.

The Tactical SDK features an intuitive visual editor and a powerful scripting API for scenario creation. It supports multi-user collaboration, real-time scenario development, and optimization between developers. With access to a growing library of pre-built 3D assets and environments, users can quickly build visually engaging scenarios.

The advanced AI and behaviour customisation capabilities enable dynamic and challenging training experiences, with characters exhibiting custom behaviours and decision-making processes. The SDK’s performance optimisation tools and in-depth analytics ensure smooth and immersive experiences for users while providing valuable insights for scenario improvement.

An example of Tactical SDK capabilities, showing a 3D image of a custom building scenario with custom character placement and behaviours.

Operating offline, the Tactical SDK adheres to the highest security standards, enabling classified scenario development and protecting intellectual property. It supports a wide range of training scenarios, including active shooter simulations, tactical decision-making, close-quarters combat, vehicle interdictions, communication, teamwork, leadership exercises, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance training.

The release of Operator XR’s Tactical SDK showcases our commitment to delivering innovative virtual tactical rehearsal systems to the global special forces, military, and law enforcement markets. This software empowers our customers to reduce training costs significantly by creating custom training scenarios without external support.

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Find out more about Operator XR Tactical SDK here: https://operatorxr.com/virtual-reality-scenario-designer

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