School Excursions at iFLY – Top 10 Reasons

School is back in session! And with it, the endless choice of kid excursion possibilities. We’ve got the ‘Top 10 reasons’ why an iFLY Indoor Skydiving school excursion rocks, ticks all those pesky boxes, and (you already know this one) will have them excited all term, and beyond!

1. Caters to every size group
Do you run a small classroom of 15-20 kids, no worries, an iFLY indoor skydiving school excursion has you covered with customized support to match whatever needs you have. On the other hand, we easily cater to larger groups of 260+ students! Our facilities have several rooms that serve as classrooms, while the action takes place in an open space, right next to our wind tunnel.

st spyridon college educational excursions

2. Indoor Skydiving covers all subjects!
The concepts behind indoor skydiving can be used to cover Math, Science, physics, engineering & PDHPE! Thea, iFLY’s lead educator, easily draws on a classes previous experience with core subjects, then adds her own presenting flair with visual props (not to mention live experiments!).

“This experience aligns with the year 7 Australian Curriculum. The student’s experience has been hands-on and the knowledge they have gained will help them complete their Stellar Extension Program. Thanks!!” – Michelle Flynn, Teacher

3. Activities while the kids aren’t flying
Think that your class will be sitting around doing nothing while they wait?! Think again! Our lesson plans are tailored to the number in your class; meaning that kids are always either learning something or being entertained. And if they find a spare moment, we find everyone loves watching their friends fly, and are captivated taking plenty of pictures.

4. ticks all the boxes
All iFLY excursions are all curriculum aligned. You just need to sit back while we provide all the material backing up what you’ve been teaching. We partner with teachers to make sure everything on the day matches what they have been learning in the classroom. We reinforce all the theory with real-life examples!

“I really liked how encouraging and supportive the instructor was and all the staff were really organised and professional.  great experience!” – Julia, Teacher

5. an easy sell to the principle
Our packages are very cost-effective compared to other out-of-school trips. The excursion package that we offer is a mere $39 per student, vs $50 – $85 by other excursion companies. Most of the time these are cut and paste packages – a ‘one size fits all’ mentality.

6. Run, created, and continuously updated by former teachers.
Katelyn based at iFLY Downunder is a former teacher while Thea is a former children’s TV host and educator! Both bring with them years of experience working with children as well as an insiders understanding to what it’s like being a teacher and organizing an excursion.

7. Interactive fun experiments
After arriving at iFLY and marvelling at our wind tunnel, the students head in for a 45-minute interactive lesson covering; gravity, force & drag. We experiment with different sized balls & vortexes to test how they react in the tunnel. We also review footage of real skydiving vs. flying in the facility to show how these principles apply in everyday life, which is a criterion that all teachers need covering.

8. We customize everything to your course
We send teachers the lesson plan early, so they can prepare and incorporate our program into their lessons in the classroom. There is always room to go deeper and get more involved, and we’re here to help with that every step of the way.

science proficiency badge scouts9. Used by other educational institutions
Scouts & their troop leaders are filling up our vertical wind tunnels right across Australia – All in the name of science!

Scout troupes are earning their Science Proficiency Badges at iFLY. The course they use was specially adapted to fit into the scout’s badge system! Check out their story here.

On top of this, we are often used by corporate groups for team-building. The Wrigley Company, a Mars Subsidiary, came to iFLY Downunder for a team building day with a twist.

Check out how a multinational company’s exec board used indoor skydiving to improve performance and foster bonding here.

10. It’s indoor skydiving!
Kids love indoor skydiving, and nothing gets them so excited than hearing that their next excursion will be an iFLY Indoor Skydiving! WATCH the video below to see how FUN our wind tunnel is to kids of all ages!

How can a teacher find out more information?

More information can be found on our website here. You can also email us at or call iFLY Downunder educational package organiser, Katelyn Sultana, to discuss directly on 0456061671. If you are based in Perth or the Gold Coast call: 1300 366 364 to have an information booklet emailed to you.