‘Perth Seniors’ take on wind tunnel

IMG_7876You’re only as old as your next adventure is a saying that is thrown around a lot. However, these ‘young at heart flyers’ are taking it to the next level as they took to the wind at the iFLY Perth facility!

Jenny, one of our regular flyers, wanted to prove to her clients what they could do if they kept their horizons open. Jenny and her two daughters, Tanita and Shonelle, fly with us regularly. Having Jenny’s mum, Catharina, fly meant that we have just flown 3 generations!

Terry (68), Yvonne (71), Helen (76), Beryl (78), Anne (69), and Catharina (86 & Jenny’s mum) all earnt their wings and can’t wait to get back in the windy tube!

Indoor skydiving is one of the most inclusive activities in the world, meaning that people of all ages can easily, and safely, enjoy flying in a way that you wouldn’t expect from such an adrenaline-filled sport.

“iFLY Indoor Skydiving is already proud to be one of the few 100% all access sporting and tourist attractions Australia has to offer”, comments ISAG National Marketing Manager, Cheryl Dawson, “this is because we are able to offer facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for all people, of all abilities, in an ultra-safe environment. We specifically designed our venues that way.”

We can’t wait to see these ladies next adventure will be – Keep it up!

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