DroneShield Partners with Operator VR

DroneShield, an Australian defence solutions company that targets military Drone and AI
technology, has partnered with Operator to provide training for scenarios that
involve counterdrone and C-UAS situations.


Our virtual reality training program, Operator VR, contains a wide variety of scenarios
that allow military personnel to train in a safe environment. The rapid
deployment technology gives soldiers the opportunity to insert themselves into
any situation and train in response, tactics, and outcomes.


In a video released by Red Cartel, the developers of Operator’s systems, a device known as
the DroneGun is being deployed to eliminate a drone threat safely. In both
virtual and physical spaces, this equipment allows military personnel to defend
themselves against Drone strikes without resorting to kinetic projectiles such
as personal firearms, where soldiers are more likely to miss a small, fast
target. Watch the video here:

By utilizing scenarios designed by DroneShield for use inside Operator’s VR training grounds, personnel can deploy and practice with DroneGuns to better understand how they function, without putting themselves or active military drones at risk. The Operator Command Centre allows instructors to observe the training inside the virtual world in real-time, from multiple viewpoints, and provide live feedback to soldiers without needing to terminate the simulation.


The launch of this product was bookended by a promotional event at the I/ITSEC 2022 Exhibition in Orlando, Florida. The expo ran from November 28th to December 2nd and was a great success for everyone involved.


We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with DroneShield to develop and deliver the best possible counterdrone training simulations. We are confident that, with the increase of unmanned aerial systems used in military operations, we can provide safe and efficient training to members of the military tasked with C-UAS procedures.