iFLY Wins Inclusive Marketing & Communication Award

On May 31st, 2022, iFLY Downunder won the Inclusive Communication and Marketing award from the Multicultural Network Zero Barriers Business Excellence Awards. 


We are so proud of iFLY for continuing to work hard in order to receive this award. They consistently strive to host an inclusive and welcoming environment for everybody. The company is passionate about accessibility and giving people of any ability the opportunity to fly their body their way. iFLY was also nominated for the Physical Inclusion and Inclusion Service awards, further highlighting their commitment to be an accessible activity for everyone. 


We love what the Zero Barrier project represents. For those unaware, Zero Barriers is a free business and service support project that aims to eliminate barriers for people with disabilities when shopping, using services, or participating in activities in their local communities. Businesses take the Zero Barriers online assessment to review how accessible they are, then are provided feedback on what changes can be made to make their environment more inclusive and accessible. You can find out more about the project here: https://zerobarriers.net.au


Part of their commitment to accessibility is their annual involvement in International Day of People with Disability. They have filmed past events to help communicate what iFLY is all about and showcase how truly accessible it is.


To further assist with communication, they created three versions of the last video, with AUSLAN and open caption versions posted across their online channels. It was the creation of these communications that gathered their achievement with this award.

award jpg

iFLY truly believes everybody should be given the chance to spread their wings and fly. In addition to their International Day of People with Disability event, they hold a number of All Ability events throughout the year. These events are a huge success, and the community support is outstanding. They are always so excited to showcase the fact that truly anybody can fly. iFLY also offers a 20% discount all year round – discount code ‘ICANFLY’. 


Both iFLY and xRG encourage more businesses to support and take part in the Zero Barriers project. iFLY looks forward to working with them more, in order to continue to improve their inclusion in the community and, of course, provide an unforgettable indoor skydiving experience to everyone. 


We are incredibly proud of iFLY to have received the award from Zero Barriers. Everyone is looking forward to the future and pledge to always provide an accessible and inclusive environment at iFLY Indoor Skydiving. They are so excited to continue to welcome and teach people of any ability to fly their body their way