Launch of Operator Law Enforcement Trainer

We are pleased to announce the launch of Operator LE, Virtual Reality Training Solution for the global Law Enforcement market.



The Law Enforcement training tools are a natural extension of the Military training products. We have tailored the products to address the current Australian demand with localised vehicles, uniforms and equipment with the xRG Operator LE equipment being easily adaptable to bespoke weapons and for use by law enforcement agencies around the world.

op le transport case

Operator LE allows Police and Law Enforcement Officers to train operational tactics and procedures within a portable, virtual reality environment. Complimenting existing training methods, the virtual reality system allows Officers to train more often, leading to increased preparedness across a broad range of scenarios. 

Operator LE Urban Scenario

The training scenarios focus on de-escalation, use-of-force, domestic disputes, traffic stops and other tactical drills, with a continually growing library. The system training accessories include Glock, Taser and OC Spray allowing officers to safely train use of-force scenarios, and users can train together in a warehouse scale training facility, or remotely in individual training spaces such as within a police station.




The design of the kit allows trainees to enter and exit the training scenario in moments, and the After Action Review System trainers to debrief trainees from any angle including trainee, suspect, or third person view.

Operator LE Trainer Tablet

The Investor Presentation on our Defence & Law Enforcement Global Growth Strategy can be viewed below:

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