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We want to share the magic of the day with everyone; see the coverage shot at our iFLY Gold Coast location.

On Sunday, December 3rd in celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities, iFLY Downunder (Sydney), iFLY Gold Coast, and iFLY Perth, simultaneously opened their tunnel doors to those living with a disability!

Feedback on the day was terrific from flyers, their carers, family and friends. “All the staff were so friendly and helpful, and the flight instructors handled … all of yesterdays fliers with the utmost grace, care and skill. It is truly a day that we all will remember … Many thanks” – Flyers Mother

Many flyers and their carers mentioned they find it a challenge to find activities and businesses that are accessible and provide the neccessary information, support or even just reassurance to those with different abilities. That is why so many were surprised to find that iFLY Indoor Skydiving was running the Gift of Flight for All Abilities event and that indoor skydiving was such an accessible activity and sport.

disability card
“iFLY Indoor Skydiving is already proud to be one of the few 100% all access sporting and tourist attractions Australia has to offer”, comments ISAG National Marketing Manager, Cheryl Dawson, “this is because we are able to offer facilities and experiences that are accessible and inclusive for all people, of all abilities, in an ultra-safe environment. We specifically designed our venues that way.”



Check out all the photos from all three of our locations with the links below:

blog_img_3iFLY Downunder (Sydney)
iFLY Gold Coast
iFLY Perth

If you know someone living with a disability, indoor skydiving is the perfect gift to show them you think they’re a superhero! Those living with a disability can use promo code: ICANFLY to receive 25% off any midweek package (Monday to Friday) for the iFLY Intro, iFLY Plus, iFLY High or Family and Friends package at all facilities.

Check out iFLY’s Accessibility Page for further details about how indoor skydiving is one of the most inclusive activities in the world.

WATCH the Ten News Coverage at the event in Perth.