Scouts FLY to Earn Science Badge

badge_borderScouts & their troop leaders are filling up our vertical wind tunnels right across Australia – All in the name of science!

A troop of 32 Scouts from the 1st South Penrith Scout Group recently earned their Science Proficiency Badges at iFLY Downunder (Sydney West), as well as experienced the thrill of indoor skydiving.

The Scouts attended a lesson and observed wind-tunnel experiments delivered by iFLY Educator Thea O’Conor, which was tailored to meet all the requirements for the group to be awarded their Science Proficiency Badge.

theaScout troop Leader, Fiona Sherwin, said that “The experience was incredible, the Scouts were so thrilled to be able to get a badge out of doing iFLY [Indoor Skydiving].”

“For some Scouts, this was their first badge, but what was exciting was at our next parade evening, having so many scouts receiving badges all at once. There is so much pride around the scout hall, especially since our Scout Troop is large and we have Scouts with Autism who were able to participate in iFLY [Indoor Skydiving], plus the staff were just fantastic!” – Fiona Sherwin.

“I’ve been telling other Scout groups already what an amazing experience iFLY is. I even told everyone about it at the recent monthly Penrith district scout leaders’ meeting” Fiona exclaimed.

Scouts using indoor skydiving as an experience to advance young members is a national phenomenon! A troop of 38 Scouts also visited our Gold Coast facility all in the name of achieving their next badge!

The leader of the pack, known by the kids as ‘Dung Beetle’, was stoked to be able to experience the adrenaline rush of indoor skydiving as the troop head.

scouts visit ifly gold coast“I’m pretty sure I am living the Scout Leaders dream of Adventure! … Leaders, give it a go with your Troop/Pack/Mob/Unit/Crew today! Everyone achieved their science badge with an informative education module provided by iFLY [Indoor Skydiving]. Reasonable price!” – Dung Beetle

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