FREAK Entertainment opens fifth venue, in prime Surfers Paradise location

We are proud to announce the opening of FREAK Entertainment’s fifth venue, FREAK Surfers Paradise!

Located in the renowned Paradise Centre on Cavill Avenue, attracting an impressive 13.1 million tourists annually, FREAK Surfers Paradise spans an impressive 195m² and features two flagship free roam Arena’s, VR Escape Rooms, FREAK Drive racing simulators, and a VR Arcade. FREAK also joins other popular tenants like Timezone, Zone Bowling, El Camino Mexican Cantina, and Maniax Axe Throwing. The new venue also presents a number of cross-promotional opportunities with our indoor skydiving venue, iFLY Gold Coast, located just a short walk away.

We are also excited to announce the launch of game-changing, innovative technology at FREAK Surfers Paradise, with the venue becoming the first fully-wireless and untethered FREAK location! This technology advancement removes the need for backpack computers, offering an enhanced customer experience, wider audience accessibility, and improved customer throughput.

Application of this wireless and untethered technology cements FREAK’s commitment to delivering world-class experiences, and is made possible through strategic partnerships with HP and HTC Vive cultivated over the last 3 years.

We are thrilled about this fantastic milestone and look forward to providing many new customers to the world-leading entertainment that FREAK offers.

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Release of first in-house produced VR game, Androids & Outlaws

Androids & Outlaws


We are very excited to announce our first in-house video game experience, developed by our own VR studio, Red Cartel, has now been released and is playing in our Bondi and Gold Coast venues.



Androids & Outlaws is a fun and competitive multiplayer shooter game, played in FREAK’s Free-Roam Arena. The game pits 2 or 4 players against each other and features a friendly, cartoony aesthetic and utilizes the Vive Focus 3 Virtual Reality headset. To play, players are given a virtual shield and gun, and must shoot the opposing team to gain points. There is no limit to how many times players can be shot, as each round is based on a time limit. The team that holds the most points at the end of the round is victorious.

The Arena was previously limited to players aged 10 or older due to the weight of the backpack and equipment. However, by offering the use of the Vive Focus 3 and its accompanying controllers instead, the heavy equipment is entirely eliminated, allowing a younger and wider audience to play Androids & Outlaws.

Red Cartel spent several months developing this title specifically and exclusively for FREAK to use in the Arena to increase the market audience by accessing a younger demographic.

The in-house production means the game can be modified ongoing and quickly with any improvements that may be required.

FREAK have already seen a growth in the use of the second Arena during weekday operations, and an increase in younger players aged 8+, thanks to the release of this exclusive new title.

Find out more about Androids & Outlaws on the FREAK website below: