Northern Beaches Mums iFLY Experience

Michaela, a Northern Beaches Mum, got the opportunity to try out iFLY Downunder with her two children Thomas (11) and Melissa (7) and here is her raving review…

I’ve always wanted to say I had done a sky dive but being scared of heights you would never get me sitting in that small plane and jumping out! No way, hose!

Firstly, the centre is out at Penrith so a nice family drive, WARNING: DO NOT BE PUT OFF THAT YOU HAVE TO DRIVE… it is worth the travel? HELL YES!!!!!  This is a fantastic experience for the whole family, so if you are looking for something different to do and something that you’ll always remember, then this is it!

I was visiting the centre with my husband, my best friend from abroad and my two kids who are 11 and 7. The kids were super excited but i was feeling pretty nervous and my husband was still in shock that I’d booked this as I don’t normally go in for anything energetic and especially adrenaline pumping.

So… on arrival we started to get a little excited. It is a big centre with lots of seating where everyone can view the people that are currently in the wind tunnel area doing their sky dives. There’s also a café there with food and drink BONUS… I got cake and coffee so I was happy!

The staff are super helpful and friendly, and they took us in a room for our pre-flight training and safety talk and to get us kitted out in our flight gear, goggles and helmets. Now I was dreading putting the suit on as I thought I’d look ridiculous and fat but another bonus is that the suit was super slimming, I actually looked slimmer BONUS!!! and I was yet again feeling more and more pumped about booking this experience and ready to show the kids that this mummy still had some fun in her. Yes the nagging, tired, worn out, drained mummy was gone and here was super mama!! ready to go go go!! I could see the kids looking at me like is this really our mum… did they put something in coffee at the café!!! who hoo lets goooo!!!

It’s time for the skydive and you’re about to go in… oh wait a minute quick toilet trip for us all as we don’t want any accidents in there! Once you’re all ready you all have to put your headphones on to cancel the noise as it is REALLY NOISEY in there! So once you go in there’s lots of sign language going on (no bickering from the kids as you can’t hear a word they’re saying… BONUS).

CLICK HERE to read the full review and visit the Northern Beaches Mums website.

From the team at iFLY Downunder, thank you to Michaela and Northern Beaches Mums for visiting and writing this fantastic review of your experience!


iFLY Perth – Intro to Kids Club

iFLY Perth Intro Kids ClubLittle superheroes all overheard the call and flocked to The Kidz Day: Intro to Kids Club event at iFLY Perth held over two days during the April school holidays!

The excitement was all in anticipation of the launch of iFLY Perth’s excitingly NEW Junior iFLYER Club which has started this school term! Kids learn to become Pro-Flyers able to do aerial tricks and even fly with others in-formation.

The days included exhilarating demonstrations from our current Junior iFLYERs Noah, Cooper and Oxana, along with out-of-the tunnel belly flying training from our coaches and instructors, while every kid had a chance to experience reverse rain within the tunnel. Yes, Reverse rain! We also had colouring-in competitions; prize giveaways and free sausage sizzle.

The club is the first of its kind in Perth, so it wasn’t a surprise that some 800 people attended over the two days!

It was a fantastic turnout and energy was running high! iFLY Perth, iFLY Downunder (Sydney West) & iFLY Gold Coast will be sure to be running many more kids events to promote the sport of indoor skydiving as a choice sport for kids with many more events planned for the future!

iFLY Perth Intro Kids ClubIndoor skydiving combines many skills together that challenges and builds coordination, body awareness, team-building and general fitness and flexibility! The Junior iFLYER Club introduces kids to the sport with a dedicated instructor that will guide them through the skills needed to master the air all within a term timetable so they can learn after school or on weekends.

iFLY has a history of HIGH achievers that started in the club including 11-year-old Amy Watson who now competes overseas in indoor skydiving events and even set a Guinness World Record, most 360 horizontal spins in a wind tunnel in one minute (individual); holding the record with 44 completed in one minute! – Read more here.

Or 13-year-old, indoor skydiving athlete, Sarah Yates who competed in the Battle of the Blades competition in Seattle USA last year placing 4th in Junior’s Freestyle!

Want to find out more about the Junior iFLYER Club and how to get your child involved? Our website has all the details –


Pros And Cons Of Tunnel Flying

Written by Tunnel and Outdoor skydiver – Garnett Znidaric   (E414 – 1,400 jumps – 12 hours of tunnel)

Garnett_Znidaric4“Write a blog,” he said.

“It will be easy,” he said.

“What about?” I said.

“Why you like the tunnel,” he said.

“Hmm… okay,” I said

I have been a tunnel fan since I first saw the pictures back in the 80’s. On the other hand, I didn’t get to play in a tunnel until 2012. That was when I found out that a lot of the stuff we were teaching as B-Rel coaches back in the 80’s didn’t really work.

Since then I have flown in tunnels in Malaysia, Singapore, Eloy and of course, Sydney. Not as much as I like but enough to tell budding skydivers that it is the place to polish existing skills and develop new ones. Let me be clear though, I just do belly stuff although I have unenjoyable dabbled with the dark side of free flying.

It has often been said that knowledge you take from the sky won’t do much for you in the tunnel but what you learn in the tunnel will help you immensely in the sky. For the most part, I would emphatically agree. Here are some thoughts


-Cheap skydives-

Shared between 4 people a minute of freefall in the tunnel costs less than $10 each. Even 2 ways are an economic way of flying and when you are starting out

-No slipping and sliding-

The wall of the tunnel is unforgiving so you quickly learn whether or not you are flying sideways or backsliding. Often instructors will encourage people who have just completed their AFF course to start on their B Certificate relative work jumps. Personally, and I am not an instructor but rather someone who has watched people evolve in all aspects of skydiving for a number of decades, I would suggest that people after they complete their AFF they go straight to the tunnel and work on their basic body flight and B-Rels in the tunnel. If you still have jump numbers to build up for the A Certificate, then put the effort into canopy control as this is often the weakest skill and yet at many drop zones, a most critical one to develop due to high levels of canopy traffic.

-Time to breathe-

One great thing in the tunnel is that if you feel stress building up, as you go through drills or developing freefall comfort, you can simply stop and take the time to breathe. I can remember being in a rush to prepare for an overseas trip and I was rushing and flying far from well. Without having to worry about breakoff, spending height, I just stopped, looked across at the tunnel buddy, smiled and breathed deeply. Recommencing the routine, the docks were soother and faster.

-No climb to height or packing-

At the tunnel, the focus is all about the freefall at a terminal. This means you don’t have to worry about the ride up in the plane, canopy flight and packing. One minute of freefall can be followed by another one instantly. To me, this means that a lot of stress is removed and I and my colleagues in the tunnel can focus on flying.

-Instant debrief-

And once you get out of the tunnel, more than likely the video clip of your session is coming up on the screen in the antechamber to show you what happened. Sometimes from the side and sometimes from above. This is invaluable in identifying strengths and weaknesses and honing new skills.



-Using wrong references-

The only real negative I have seen people fall into the habit of is using a reference outside of the group. While it is imperative that you get used to accurate height control and stay around the middle of the doorway about a meter above the net, it is also important that you use the other members of your belly team as a reference for outward facing positions in formations. In the sky, there are no such references as the wall or doorways.

-Walls hurt. Be honest to tunnel supervisors-

Not really a point against tunnels but rather a caution to new skydivers entering the tunnel for the first time either by themselves or to join a group. Always be honest with your organiser and the people at the tunnel about your level of experience. This way you can be helped through your progression. The sky is very forgiving in many ways. The walls of the tunnel are not. On the other hand, if you can sit still in the tunnel, then you will know you are not the one backsliding in the sky.


-Work on smooth NOT complex-

If you haven’t done burble hops as two ways, don’t take a four way in there and expect to turn blocks involving crossovers and expect them to work. Often I have seen inexperienced groups of four in the tunnel trying some fun stuff but with inappropriate skill sets the result has been lots of hitting walls and bouncing off the net to the disgust and frustration of the person on the door of the tunnel.

-Stop and smile-

Having learnt that slow is smooth and smooth is fast, a great exercise in the tunnel is to go through your formation stuff but stop before you take the dock and wait for the person keying the moves to give the key. In this way you slow down, stop rushing and become aware of those around you.

And smile. This is meant to be fun. Also being relaxed allows for you to feel more comfortable in the air. To be relaxed and enjoy every second of being in the wind.

In Summary

The tunnel is fun and great place to learn new stuff and polish existing skills. For the most part, I have never heard a valid argument for not going to the tunnel to learn in preference to learning in the sky. A couple of hours a year in the tunnel will pay huge dividends in the sky. And you can have fun while you are learning.  – Garnett Znidaric

The best way to make the most out of your outdoor/indoor skydiving is to book a coach who will be able to guide you and really accelerate your learning.

You can arrange a coach on your schedule by emailing or call 1300 366 364.

Otherwise, you can check out the Frequent iFLYER Facebook page for all upcoming training events, news and indoor skydiving tips!


The Frequent iFLYER Programme

New benefits for those who love to fly!

2017 saw the release of a brand new customer loyalty and rewards programme being rolled out across all Australian ISA Group owned wind tunnels, including iFLY Downunder, iFLY Perth and iFLY Gold Coast.

The programme embodies the spirit of what it is to be a true Frequent iFLYER.

Kieren James, architect of the scheme and National FIF Programme Coordinator says;

“We looked at a variety of ways to design a new loyalty scheme, but ultimately we wanted to recognise those who fly with us regularly and keep the community and atmosphere going above all else.  These are our true Frequent iFLYERS”

The new programme is designed to provide real rewards that people value;

“it’s simple really – the more you fly, the more benefits you receive, and the core benefit is what everyone told us they wanted… free tunnel time”, says Kieren; “anyone can earn up to 90mins free flight time per year”

The programme works very much like an airline programme.  Every time you fly (qualifying block time), your Frequent iFLYER time accumulates and you progress through status tiers from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum, with incremental benefits at each tier.  Enrollment is automatic and the first status level of Bronze is awarded at just 60 minutes of block time flown.

ISA Group are proud to pioneer this type of programme in the wind tunnel industry.
“We didn’t see anyone else doing anything like this” says Kieren.
“Some other tunnels offered discounts or club memberships, but none truly rewarded their customers on an ongoing basis the way this programme does.”

Since launching the new programme at the start of the year, there were over 850 FIF members within 8 weeks, and at this point over 1000! Many have already reached the top status tier of Platinum!

When asked about what’s in store for the future, Kieren responded “Well, we’re just getting started actually.  I can’t let all the secrets out but I can say that the programme gets better and better.  The people who achieve and retain the higher status levels are soon going to find out all about that”.

For full details of the programme, visit the Frequent iFLYER page