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SAVE THE DATE! 2017 Aussie Indoor Champs!

180830_ifly_2016_offline_2.mp4.00_00_46_20.Still019Indoor Skydiving Group Australia (ISAG) have now released the highly anticipated dates for the 3rd annual Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships.

Hosted at the ISAG’s flagship facility, iFLY Downunder (Sydney West), the championships will be held over two days on the 18th and 19th August.

‘Our 2016 Championships were huge!’ comments ISA Group’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brett Sheridan. ‘We had more teams, more individuals and more age groups enter than ever before, it is evident that indoor skydiving is fast becoming an incredibly popular sport for Australians’. The 2016 event had 163 individual competitors registered, making up 73 teams for 10 categories.  This year we anticipate an even bigger turnout with an increased number of categories and the competition spread over 2 days.

The Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships are free for the public to attend.

‘Our Championship is open to the public to come along and check out’ continues Sheridan ‘but I recommend people get in early, last year we were a packed house!’


iFLY Indoor Skydiving has been expanding rapidly across the country with locations now open in Penrith, Perth and the Gold Coast with more venues around the country set to open soon.

‘We have been overwhelmed with how indoor skydiving has been accepted by Australians,’ comments Brett.

Indoor Skydiving was originally used for skydivers and the military to practice stunts and skills in any weather and in a safe environment, however, over the years, it has transitioned into being a competitive sport internationally.

‘It’s such a unique sport and I think that’s what captivates people. You can improve to the point where it feels like you literally defy gravity and the more people become engaged in it, the more addicted they get!’ continues Sheridan.

180830_ifly_2016_offline_2.mp4.00_04_59_16.Still018Indoor skydiving has fast become the most popular choice amongst kids and parents looking for an alternative to the typical sport or hobby, and ISA Group is impressed at how many kids have taken it up as a competitive outlet. The 2016 championships saw 11 kids entered into the Junior Freestyle event, with 2 of the competitors later that year competing internationally in Poland and Seattle.

‘We expect Indoor Skydiving to continue thriving because of its cross-generational appeal,’ says Sheridan. ‘We have teams and flyers that range from ages 3 years to 60 years, from beginners to advanced. Indoor Skydiving is a sport that is incredibly fun to watch with the flyers fast choreographed movements, we are more than sure it will stay very popular.’

The Australian Indoor Skydiving Championships will be held at iFLY Downunder located at 123 Mulgoa Road, Penrith.  Further information and registrations will be available at

Check out the video of last years Championships including all the excitement and amazing indoor skydiving performances!


The Frequent iFLYER Programme

New benefits for those who love to fly!

2017 saw the release of a brand new customer loyalty and rewards programme being rolled out across all Australian ISA Group owned wind tunnels, including iFLY Downunder, iFLY Perth and iFLY Gold Coast.

The programme embodies the spirit of what it is to be a true Frequent iFLYER.

Kieren James, architect of the scheme and National FIF Programme Coordinator says;

“We looked at a variety of ways to design a new loyalty scheme, but ultimately we wanted to recognise those who fly with us regularly and keep the community and atmosphere going above all else.  These are our true Frequent iFLYERS”

The new programme is designed to provide real rewards that people value;

“it’s simple really – the more you fly, the more benefits you receive, and the core benefit is what everyone told us they wanted… free tunnel time”, says Kieren; “anyone can earn up to 90mins free flight time per year”

The programme works very much like an airline programme.  Every time you fly (qualifying block time), your Frequent iFLYER time accumulates and you progress through status tiers from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Platinum, with incremental benefits at each tier.  Enrollment is automatic and the first status level of Bronze is awarded at just 60 minutes of block time flown.

ISA Group are proud to pioneer this type of programme in the wind tunnel industry.
“We didn’t see anyone else doing anything like this” says Kieren.
“Some other tunnels offered discounts or club memberships, but none truly rewarded their customers on an ongoing basis the way this programme does.”

Since launching the new programme at the start of the year, there were over 850 FIF members within 8 weeks, and at this point over 1000! Many have already reached the top status tier of Platinum!

When asked about what’s in store for the future, Kieren responded “Well, we’re just getting started actually.  I can’t let all the secrets out but I can say that the programme gets better and better.  The people who achieve and retain the higher status levels are soon going to find out all about that”.

For full details of the programme, visit the Frequent iFLYER page


ISA Group’s Malaysian Tunnel Announced

Indoor Skydive Australia Group Limited has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the development of it’s first indoor skydiving facility in Malaysia. The facility is at the 1 Utama Shopping Centre, one of the largest shopping centres in the world.

The cost of the project, including internal costs, to ISA Group is estimated to be between $1.5 to $2 million. ISA Group expects to fund this from operating cashflows, supplemented by existing cash reserves and debt if appropriate.

The indoor skydiving facility is being developed as part of the extension of the 1 Utama Shopping Centre which includes access to the Bandar Utama MRT station, linking 1 Utama to the Greater Kuala Lumpur region. Construction of the extension has commenced and is scheduled for opening in December 2017. With over 30 million visitors per year, the 1 Utama shopping centre is an “all in one” complex combining retail, leisure, sporting and entertainment facilities. It is interconnect with several high-rise office towers and a 5-star luxury hotel.

The 1 Utama indoor skydiving facility will be ISA Group’s first facility outside of Australia and is the result of several years of market research and due diligence to understand the local business environment. By working with 1 Utama as a partner, ISA Group is able to mitigate risks, reduce the capital commitment required by ISA Group and leverage off 1 Utama’s local success and experience.