Rapid sales growth of Operator XR

Operator XR Rapid Sales Growth

xReality Group Limited (XRG) is excited to share the following sales update for Operator XR, a wholly owned subsidiary of xReality Group Ltd. Operator XR provides Military and Law Enforcement agencies around the world with a unique, integrated Mission Planning & Rehearsal System, which is portable, secure, and highly immersive.


Expanding U.S. Presence and Market Focus

In late November 2023, Operator XR bolstered its U.S. operations by expanding the sales team. This strategic move was designed to intensify direct sales activities within the Law Enforcement sector, while we continue to develop the Military segment globally. The results of this focus has seen rapid sales growth in the month of May.


May 2024: Record-Breaking Achievements

May has been an outstanding month for Operator XR, demonstrating substantial growth across multiple metrics, including year to date total contract value more than doubling, resulting in an Annual Recurring Revenue increase of 107% for the month to $1.26m.

    • Sales Achievement: Operator XR secured $1.93 million in sales, marking a significant monthly performance.
    • Customer Acquisition: We welcomed 12 new customers and achieved our second Australian Defence Force sale, further solidifying our market presence.
    • Contract Value Surge: The total year-to-date contract value has soared by 261% this month, reaching an impressive $2.66 million.
    • Recurring Revenue Growth: Our Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) experienced a remarkable 107% increase, now standing at $1.26 million. 

Strategic Wins: Law Enforcement and Military Expansion

Second Sale to the Australian Defence Force:

On May 22, 2024, we received a Purchase Order from the Australian Defence Force for the delivery of two systems with a three-year license; further details of this sale remain confidential. This marks the second purchase of the Operator XR system by the Australian Defence Force, separate from the ongoing trial with the broader organisation.

New Law Enforcement Customers in the U.S.

In May 2024, Operator XR received orders from 11 individual Law Enforcement agencies across various states. The customers include Police Departments in Oregon, Maryland, Alaska, Texas, Florida, Ohio, Arkansas, Indiana, and a prominent training organisation based in California. These new partnerships underscore our commitment to providing advanced training and operational solutions to Law Enforcement.


Future Focus

Operator XR is focused on continued growth over the coming months and remains committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients.


XRG CEO Wayne Jones said, “The momentum we are currently experiencing, particularly in the US,
is a further validation of the product and market fit. We have established a strong sales culture within
Operator XR, and we are starting to see the results of the Sales, Marketing and Production activities
over the past 6 months.”


To view the ASX release, click here: 30 May Operator XR Sales Update ASX release here.


Visit the Operator XR website here.


Operator XR first sale to Australian Defence Force

Operator XR is leading the way for immersive military virtual reality training and we are proud to announce the successful sale of its OP-1 Tactical Rehearsal System to the Australian Department of Defence.

The system will be used by the Australian Army and initially provided to deployed units to maintain military skills, using Operator XR’s immersive VR simulation platform, OP-1. This system brings a new dimension to enhancing critical military skills and has been purchased as part of a concept evaluation process.

The 4 person OP-1 System allows for tactical teams to train and rehearse in Close Quarters Battle (CQB) and urban combat scenarios with unparalleled realism.

Users train on their own weapons, as the system is supplied with M4 “drop in” kits that replace the bolt and magazine of the live weapon with an untethered, pneumatic recoil system and weapon tracking sensors. This integration creates a lifelike experience that mirrors real-world weapon handling.

Image of a black case with 4 VR headsets, a table, tracking devises.

The OP-1 System is a compact design, with the complete system for 4 users packing into a double rifle case. There are no external computers required, with the system operating seamlessly off a high-powered tablet, which also serves as the hub for the After Action Review (AAR) system.

Additionally, OP-1 operates completely offline, allowing the virtual reality training system to be deployed securely, and in locations without internet.

Operator XR is honoured to stand beside the Australian Department of Defence in their pursuit of maintaining and advancing the capabilities of their armed forces through cutting-edge technology.

For more information about Operator XR, visit:


Operator XR Launches Groundbreaking Tactical Software Development Kit (SDK)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Beta version of our subsidiary, Operator XR’s Tactical Software Development Kit (SDK).

This revolutionary tool empowers special forces, military, and law enforcement agencies to create immersive and realistic training scenarios. The Tactical SDK seamlessly integrates with Operator XR’s immersive tactical rehearsal systems, enabling end users to develop custom active shooter simulations, mission rehearsals, and other specialised scenarios.

The Tactical SDK features an intuitive visual editor and a powerful scripting API for scenario creation. It supports multi-user collaboration, real-time scenario development, and optimization between developers. With access to a growing library of pre-built 3D assets and environments, users can quickly build visually engaging scenarios.

The advanced AI and behaviour customisation capabilities enable dynamic and challenging training experiences, with characters exhibiting custom behaviours and decision-making processes. The SDK’s performance optimisation tools and in-depth analytics ensure smooth and immersive experiences for users while providing valuable insights for scenario improvement.

An example of Tactical SDK capabilities, showing a 3D image of a custom building scenario with custom character placement and behaviours.

Operating offline, the Tactical SDK adheres to the highest security standards, enabling classified scenario development and protecting intellectual property. It supports a wide range of training scenarios, including active shooter simulations, tactical decision-making, close-quarters combat, vehicle interdictions, communication, teamwork, leadership exercises, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance training.

The release of Operator XR’s Tactical SDK showcases our commitment to delivering innovative virtual tactical rehearsal systems to the global special forces, military, and law enforcement markets. This software empowers our customers to reduce training costs significantly by creating custom training scenarios without external support.

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Find out more about Operator XR Tactical SDK here:

xReality Group Limited are leaders in enterprise software development for mission critical simulations for military and law enforcement. The company develops and operates physical and digital simulations. Portfolio companies include Indoor Skydiving facilities, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment, training, and production.

xReality Group Limited is listed on ASX under the code XRG.


Philip Copeland appointed as Non-Executive Director and Chair of International Expansion Committee

We are proud to announce the appointment of Philip Copeland as Non-Executive Director and Chair of our newly formed International Expansion Committee.

With extensive experience in scaling enterprise SaaS businesses globally, particularly in government and financial services, Philip brings invaluable insights to guide our international growth strategy.

Philip, the former CEO and co-founder of Avoka Software, has a remarkable track record, leading the company to worldwide success before its acquisition by Temenos in 2018 for $US245M.

Currently residing in Colorado, USA, Philip will play a key role in our expansion into the US Government markets and driving growth through our Enterprise Software solutions.

“We are looking forward to Philip’s input in shaping our international growth strategy.” – Wayne Jones, CEO of xReality Group.

Philip added, “I am delighted to join the xReality Group Board. There is a tremendous opportunity to bring these innovative Australian products to the US and Global markets.”

We welcome Philip Copeland to our team and look forward to the exciting possibilities his expertise will bring as we embark on a transformative international journey.

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xReality Group Limited are leaders in enterprise software development for mission critical simulations for military and law enforcement. The company develops and operates physical and digital simulations. Portfolio companies
include Indoor Skydiving facilities, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) entertainment, training, and production.

Operator provides Military and Law Enforcement agencies with a unique, integrated Mission Planning & Rehearsal System, which is portable, secure and highly immersive. See

xReality Group Limited is listed on ASX under the code XRG.